Internet Safety

The Internet has many opportunities for our children to learn in creative ways, unfortunately, there are risks they can face while online. Please explore the websites to help keep our Essex County Public School children safe

What is YAPPY?

Y - your full name (first name and last name)
A - your home address, your school, or a place you are going to
P - your phone number or cell phone number
P - your password
Y - your plans, where you are going, who you are going to be with, etc.

Stay safe on the Internet! Take this quiz to see if you know how to be a safe surfer on the Internet - SafeKids Quiz


Internet Safety Websites WIFI and internet Safety Guide

 Childnet is a website that will teach you about the potential dangers while chatting, using online games, e-mail, IM, and on your mobile devices.

Ctech Complete guide for protecting a child's privacy online 

NetSmartz for Kids is an interactive, educational program that provides age-appropriate (ages 5-17) resources to help teach children how to be safer online and offline.

Privacy Playground teaches students how to spot online marketing strategies and protect their personal information. The CyberPigs wull encounter ploys, spam, and have a close encounter with a wolf during this lesson. Appropriate for grades 3-5.

GetNetWise gives you resources to make informed decisions about using the Internet. You're only "one click away".

NSTeens is a website that provides resources to empower tweens (children ages 8-12) to make safer online choices. There are animated videos which highlight Internet-related adventures.

NetSmartz for Teens has resources that can help teens navigate the Internet and guard their reputation. This website includes videos of actual teens that have been victimized online.

What is Cyberbullying? Who's targeted? Who CyberBullies? What to do about Cyberbullying and how to talk to your parents.

beSeen is a FREE app by Web Wise Kids, Inc. that you can download. It teaches kids safe habits on social networks.

OnGuard Online is a website you should visit to learn about Cyberbullying. It's bullying or harassment that happens online. It can happen in an e-mail, a text message, a game, or on a social networking website. Help prevent it by visiting this website.

A Parents' Guide to Facebook and other Social Networks Click Here

Kids Internet Guide 




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